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 Homebuyer Reports and Vendors Surveys.
Suitable for most post 1900 properties:

     • Minimum survey recommended prior to purchase
     • User friendly and understandable
     • Contains advice on value and buildings insurance

 Buildings Surveys.
Suitable for all properties but in particular older, larger and extended/altered buildings:

      • Detailed and comprehensive
      • Identifies defects and potential liabilities
      • Can include plans and photographs
      • Advises on remedial works required

Formal assessments of property value:

     • Home purchase/load security
     • Matrimonial, taxation, insurance and estate purposes Insurance

Assessment of buildings insurance cover:

     • Group or individual properties
     • Residential and commercial properties

 Property Management.
Comprehensive block management:

     • Advice to freeholders and leaseholders
     • Proactive and thorough service

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